Sunday, April 25, 2010

LINQ Sample using lambda Expressions

The LINQ Samples are modification for the existing examples at ''.

The example here serve two purpose one is all are using lambda expression instead of the query used such that whoever is from a lambda expression background can understand those examples and secondly its more details for beginners.

Restriction Operators
Simple where 1
Simple where 2
Simple where 3
Simple where drill down
Simple where using indexed

Projection Operators
Simple select example 1
Simple select example 2
Select transformation
Select anonymous type example1
Select indexed
Select filtered
Select Compound 1 (combine two unrelated list)
Select Compound 2 (combine two unrelated list)

Partitioning Operators
Take simple and nested
Skip simple and nested
TakeWhile simple
SkipWhile simple
Take and Skip combined

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